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5th March 2012

DFSI Testimonials

What our customers are saying


Dashboard for School Improvement 

“We’re able to see how our students are performing daily giving us a much more up to the minute visual representation of achievement and progress,”

“We can report on specific groups of students such as the ‘Gifted & Talented’ or our special needs students to see how they are progressing via the attainment data over a period of time – the dashboard software makes trends in the data so much easier to identify for teaching staff and the governors.”

“The dashboards are able to show attainment for girls versus boys, be broken down into subject areas and can map progress over time to show improvement from the time the students join the school, until the time they leave.”

“The dashboards can transform how schools view data by providing them with sophisticated visual representations of processes and performance.  It’s also possible to do ‘what if’ analyses with dashboards in order to gain new insights into student progress and school improvement, and to enable senior managers and other stakeholders to make informed decisions and take appropriate and timely actions.”

 Deputy Head at a school in Southampton


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