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23rd December 2011


What our customers are saying


Dashboard for School Improvement  

“The Dashboard for School Improvement software eliminated an enormous amount of preparation time for us prior to our inspection as all the school’s key performance data is shown in the graphical dashboards which update in real time – there’s no need for reams of Excel spreadsheets anymore,”

“Instead of spending a week number crunching the figures to cross tabulate information, we can now drill down into the dashboard which gives us the statistics we’re looking for in a couple of mouse clicks. We have five year groups and it would usually take a day per year group to analyse the data ready for inspection.”

“We can literally drill down into any permutation of the data and bring back meaningful and real-time information for the inspectors. Further when the inspection took place, the dashboard software demonstrated to OFSTED that our data is secure and managed – and so performance was then their core interest,”

“It completely changed the focus of the inspection and made everything much more fluid and ultimately made the inspection much more efficient for both the school and the inspector.”

 Tim Thomas, Assistant Head Teacher, Trinity High School.


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