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30th December 2011

Scholabra Frequently Asked Questions

Scolabra Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Where is Scholabra hosted?

Answer: We encourage schools to host Scholabra on the school’s own servers. However, where this is not possible, Scholabra can be hosted at 4C Software’s secure server facility.


Question: How often is the data in Scholabra updated?

Answer: The data in Scholabra cab be refreshed from your school’s MIS system automatically, using the built-in Windows scheduling software on your server.  The scheduler can be set to refresh the data as often as you require throughout the day, however, most schools choose to refresh the data only once a day. Alternatively, Scholabra’s management tools include a ‘Refresh Now‘ function, which will refresh the data when it is run.


Question: Can the school edit the data displayed in Scholabra?

Answer: Scholabra has built in management and formatting tools for creating and editing pages. As part of the installation and training process, 4C Software will train you how to use these tools.


Question: Can school reports be viewed in Scholabra?

Answer: Currently, Schools that publish reports using AIM High are able to export those reports to Scholabra so that parents can view them online. Access to reports stored in other ways may be possible as part of a future release of Scholabra.