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30th December 2011

Progress Toolkit – FAQs

PTFrequently Asked Questions

Does the programme interact with our current data management system?
Yes, the Progress Toolkit works within SIMS and similar data management systems.

Can the school personalise the final year targets and the year on year milestones?
Yes, the final targets can be set by the Senior Team and learning journeys determined by subject specialists in conjunction with the school held historic data.


What has been the reaction of parents to the reports?
In the trial schools parents have warmly praised the reports as they enable the parent to clearly understand in which subjects their child is performing as expected or better providing an opportunity to celebrate achievement with them. The format also allows a structured conversation to take place which addressed developmental needs. This has particularly been appreciated by parents who previously had felt unable to support their child in this way due to their personal intellectual situation.

How have middle managers used the tools?
The teacher version ‘going for gold’ sliders have provided middle leaders with a tool to interrogate the impact of their teams teaching on all students across the ability range. The sliders have also clearly indicated where future planning needs to focus to ensure sufficient progress occurs.

What benefit do the learning journeys provide?
In many data packages the assumption is that learning is linear across all subjects and there is no allowance for creative subjects and modern foreign languages to have a baseline level which does not match the ks2 core data. This package allows personalisation both for subject specialism and cohort variation.

How can the pastoral team ( academic tutors) benefit from the out-turn of this programme?
All support staff can use deeper aspects of this programme. The analysis of the reasons for inadequate progress by subject and year group allows opportunity for whole year of sub-set training. Using the reasons for inadequate progress and the intervention applied a directory of impact can be developed.