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Parent Portal Plus

Parent Portal+

For Schools

Do you want to engage parents quickly and easily?
Parent Portal+ provides a customisable cloud-based portal for parents to see information  about their child at school, including attendance information, behaviour, assessments, achievements and school reports, directly from your MIS.

No Report Printing Costs!
Want to reduce the cost of  distributing your school reports to zero? Parent Portal+ makes accessing school reports easy for parents and students without the need for expensive printing.  All  current and historical reports can be viewed. No more lost reports. Send email alerts to parents to let them know that the reports are ready. All this...and more!

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For Parents

Access your child’s school data from anywhere using a secure login and password.

Information that is available includes:

  • Achievements
  • Behaviour
  • Attendance
  • Assessments
  • School Reports
  • School Timetable
  • General Information
My Child. Individual student information.