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30th December 2011

K2 Reports Frequently Asked Questions

K2 Reports Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions


Question: Can reports be written off line?

Answer: The K2 series will enable you to create and print reports over the Internet. However, earlier versions of K2:Reports are not Internet enabled.


Question: Can the school create report templates or do 4C Software do this for us?

Answer: The report input screens into which teachers write their comments and enter grades are usually configured by the school. The printed or published reports are created by 4C Software to the schools exact specifications. Schools that have in-house expertise in the use of a package called Crystal Reports can create their own print files.

Question: Is it possible to produce booklets?

Answer: K2:Reports supports a wide range of printers. If your printer has finishing capabilities, i.e. it has booklet and stapling functionality, then reports which are printed on it can be produced as booklets.

Question: Does K2:Reports have spell-checking capabilities?

Answer: The K2:Reports series immediately identifies any misspelt words and will enable you to correct them. In addition a thesaurus and a grammar checker are also built into the software. Earlier versions of K2:Reports have spell-checking and thesaurus capabilities built in.

Question: How is K2: Reports linked to my MIS system?

Answer: 4C Software (working closely with MIS providers such as Capita) have developed a datalink which reads data from the school’s MIS and makes it available to K2:Reports. This is not a live link, so the update process is usually done periodically as part of a scheduled task on the school’s servers.