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School Reports Made Easy with K2 School Reports

An example of a school report entry screen

Sample Report Entry Screen for a Subject Report

K2 School Reports simplifies the process of producing reports to parents and information for teachers

K2 School Reports works directly with your school's Management Information System, to help teachers to produce high quality school reports to parents quickly and easily. The intuitive user interface makes it easy for teachers to access the groups or individual students they need to write reports for, and also has a range of data entry tools, include an integrated spell-checker, thesaurus and grammar checker and an optional phrase list, that will help with the report writing process. Historical reports can be referred to, and a comprehensive audit trail is maintained. School managers also have access to report checking features, which will enable them to check the completion of reports at different stages of the process.

All printed output is tailor-made for each customer. Our talented team of school report designers will work closely with you to create a comprehensive set of report layouts and designs, tailored to your exact requirements. These will include reports to parents and summaries for middle and senior management.

Transition Matrix printout from K2 School Reports

Transition Matrices can be displayed and printed

K2 School Reports tracking printout

Colour-coded Class Tracker for Key Stage Three


Features and Benefits

Works with SIMS.Net®, CMIS®and Integris®school MIS software.

Easy to navigate user interface makes it simple to find teaching and pastoral groups. You can also create ad-hoc groups made up of any students.

Configurable report entry screens mean that you have complete control over what data you want teachers to record about student performance and achievement.

Reports are automatically spell-checked as they are being entered. There is also a grammar checker and a thesaurus.

Schools can define departments or personal optional phrase lists which can be categories and shared with colleagues.

The completion of reports can be tracked by senior managers.

Information can be viewed for any selected groups – year groups, teaching sets, pastoral groups, user-defined groups, subjects and individual students. Simply find your group and select the information you want to view about them.

All printed reports are tailor-made to your school’s exact specifications. When printed, reports are automatically collated.

Reports can be published and made accessible to parents.