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15th June 2012

Download and Install the live K2 Print Demo

Download and Install the live K2 Print DemoK2:Print Live Demo
Why not try the K2 Print demo for yourself!

1. Download the software from here.

2. Install the software onto your computer.

3. Log into K2:Print using the following details:
Username: api                   Password: january

 You will be able to print reports using data from a live SIMS sample database.  With a little re-configuration these reports (or other reports designed specifically for your school), could be being printed in the same way! No need to export from SIMS. No need to import into Excel. No need to spend hours with conditional formatting. Just locate your group (Year group, teaching group, pastoral group, user-defined group, student)… right-click…and print.

In the demo, sample reports are currently available for:

KS3 (Years 7, 8 and 9): Any class or subject
KS4 (Year 11): Year group, pastoral group, any student


K2:Print Key Features Video
Don’t want to download the software? Why not watch our K2 Print Demo video below, to see how K2:Print can help improve the report printing and data analysis process in your school.