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Improve Pupil Progress with DFSI Live!

A Sample Pupil Progress and Achievement Dashboard

A dashboard showing aspects of pupil progress

Dashboards for School Improvement (DFSI Live!) provides a unique data management solution, which will help your school to monitor pupil progress more effectively.

DFSI Live is a service that provides tailored data analytics capabilities to schools to enable them to monitor pupil progress and attainment. These data dashboards are linked to your school's Management Information System to provide up-to-the-minute information about pupil progress and attainment. Each dashboard can be easily configured to have a number of user-selectable graphs and charts, displaying key aspects of student performance and achievement, including Progress 8 and Attainment 8, EBACC, attendance, behaviour and achievement. All graphs, charts and tables can filtered and 'drilled' into at the click of a button to provide more detailed data analysis of the progress and performance of key groups. 


An Achievement Dashboard


A Behaviour dashboard

Features and Benefits

Access to specific dashboards can be controlled by assigning users to groups and giving groups or individuals appropriate permissions to view whole dashboards or individual dashboard items.

Rapid Results - A fast installation time means you can have your dashboards up and running within days.

Better-informed decision making - Active Dashboards allows you to see all your critical information in one place.

Foresight - Allows users to see where issues are or may occur and take corrective action earlier than previously possible.

Ease of use - Active Dashboards contains a user friendly Admin tool designed to make the software accessible to non technical staff.

Interactive - drill down and filtering  functionality means that you can drill down from the overall picture into detailed information, or filter the dashboard to view a subset of the data, all at the click of a button.

Websites and the Intranet - Active Dashboards can be used within websites and intranets.

Third-party applications - Our software can also dynamically navigate to third-party applications.