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23rd December 2011

About Us

About 4C Software

About 4C SoftwareCosby Clifton Computer Consultants Ltd  (now trading as 4C Software) was formed in September 2001 and has been developing and marketing its reporting and assessment information management package, AIM High, since then. However a previous version of AIM High had been used by teachers for report writing and assessment recording since 1998. For information about AIM High, click here.
4C Software have also developed a web-based application designed to enable schools to communicate effectively with parents. Scholabra is an on-line personal organiser which enables school management and teachers to record notices, homework, school events and other information which is then accessible  in a secure environment to students and their parents.  Scholabra also provides easy access to a wide range of web based educational resources for students, parents and teachers.  Click here to find out more.
The directors of the company have worked in schools for over 25 years and have significant expertise in ICT innovation as educators and technical specialists. They also have extensive ICT resource and curriculum management experience and have worked as ICT consultants in a number of schools, as well as for commercial organisations.
Cosby Clifton are part of the SQL Partnership programme operated by Capita Education Services, who develop and market the SIMS.Net® school database software. For more information about AIM High or Scholabra then why not contact us.